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My name is Robert Moth, and music is a borderline obsession for me! I’ve been rocking Bars, Clubs and Occasion Venues for over 15 years; holding down long-term residencies in London and Surrey. I’ve been fortunate enough to play at some of Surrey and London’s top hotels such as Pennyhill, Firmdale, Frensham Ponds, Wotton house, to venues like Farnham Castle, Silvermere Golf course, Millbridge Court, Brookfield Barn, to name a few…

I started mobile djing around 10 years ago, after several people from my residencies wanted me to DJ for their weddings and birthdays, and I’ve never looked back since!


What music can Rob play?

I guess the more important question is – What music would you like me to play? I love to play music right across the spectrum, from the swinging 60’s, all the way through to current chart toppers and dance anthems. Having played in a variety of venues from family and Karaoke bars, right through to top clubs in London such as Ministry of Sound, I can use my experience to read crowds, and know when to push the ‘party’ button, or slow it down for a second so you can catch your breath! These styles/genres include but are not limited to:

The Swinging 60’s, Disco from the 70’s, 80’s hairbrush and rock anthems, 90’s old school dance and R’n’B, Naughties Pop, Dance, Garage and R’n’B, right up to Rihanna, clean bandit, Drake, Pharell Williams and Calvin Harris chart toppers right now. I can cater for specially-themed nights ranging from 1920’s style parties, through to Ibiza and Rock/Indie nights. I absolutely thrive on getting everyone up dancing and singing their hearts out!

How is Rob different from other Jocks?

I have an energy and passion for music and Djing that you won’t find in many other DJ’s. More than this, I absolutely LOVE seeing people happy; it’s that simple! I always feel extremely grateful and humbled to experience so many intimate moments in people’s lives. With all this in mind, I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with the industry I’m in, which is throwing parties for lovely people like you!

As part of my service, I’ll always meet you beforehand to go through the finer details, really taking the time to understand how you want your day to go and where I can help to make it as perfect as possible.
I fully understand what it takes to make your evening fun, personal, and one to remember (I recently got married myself, so understand exactly what goes into planning a wedding/party). I love interacting with guests, taking last minute requests, and more often than not, clients have turned into (lifelong) friends.

Livewire Parties has naturally grown year on year and we’re looking forward to our busiest year yet. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me; To be able to share my craft and passion with the world. Not many people can say they love what they do, but I look forward to EVERY event, as I get the chance to see people happy and share some truly memorable moments.

Please see the testimonials page for examples of Kev and I going above and beyond what is required of us.




Equipped with his trusty Guitar, Kevin has been playing out in bars and venues, both in a band and solo, across Surrey and London for over 10 years. With his soothing yet powerful voice, coupled with his extensive knowledge of popular tracks, Kevin has turned his passion into a career.

He has had nothing but amazing feedback from all clients, with certain guests and married couples commenting “I could listen to him all day!!”, “how lovely is this version!?”, and “it was the PERFECT end to our wedding day”.

Confident with a humble demeanor, Kevin is looking forward to an even better 2019.


What songs/styles does Kevin play?

Kevin is most comfortable in an early evening setting, for example a wedding breakfast/post-wedding breakfast environment; where he can greet guests with stripped back versions of commercial tracks that you can choose to either listen to intently, or use as a soothing backdrop to greet your evening guests with.

His real gift comes in the ability to strip back a track and put his personal touch on it, making it his own whilst respecting the original track. He likes to put his own blues-like twist on tracks from legends like Paul Weller, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Bush, Kings of Leon,  just to name a few…






How is Kevin different from other live musicians?

It’s all in the voice! You only have to listen to him, or even watch him live to see how much he enjoys playing to crowds, and how easy he is to listen to. He has a tone you can instantly warm to, and a song choice that can cater for almost any generation!

More than this, you can see and hear that music is in his veins; he absolutely LOVES what he does and I couldn’t be prouder of him!

Please see the testimonials page for examples of Kevin and I going above and beyond what is required of us.


Please give us a call for a quote to suit your individual needs, or simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you in a flash! We’re confident that after you’ve had a little look around our website, and spoken to us on the phone, your search for a DJ will be over, giving you one less thing to worry about! (and who doesn’t want that??)